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Crossdressing And Marriage - Lucimay gets bound with rope by her master for being a horny tranny slut.

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crossdressing and marriage


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I'm heavily into my fetishes right now and i can't seem to get myself off unless i'm being somehow constricted. Luckily for me, my very dominant master likes to punish me frequently for all the naughty things i do. This time he got his long rope out and after giving my transvestite ass a good whipping, tied me too my kitchen table. I lay there completely helpless as he started to tie my sexy crossdresser body tightly to the table.

The thick and coarse rope was so tight around my legs, i couldn't move an inch! My back was laid flat against the table as he slowly worked his way up my tgirl body, first tying my feet and then my legs, finely it was time for him to work on my body. He could see me tranny shaft growing in my panties and kept flicking it because i was being such a bad transvestite. Each time he flicked the tip of my crossdresser rod, i came a little, i was just so turned on by what was happening that i couldn't control myself.

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crossdressing and marriage

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